7 Jealously-Guarded Secrets to Making Daily Cash Profits On the Internet

Secret #1: Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel
If you check out some of the more popular discussion groups on the Internet, you’ll see people constantly stumbling around, completely in the dark, asking people what to sell, how they can make money on the Internet, how to get more traffic, and how to finally start making money. They seem to believe it’s a mystery. It’s not.

You see, there are already people on the Internet making $100,000… $500,000… even $1,000,000 or more each year. Why stumble around, trying to make money on the Internet through expensive and painful “trial and error”, when you can learn from those who have “made it” online… and are making incredible profits?

For example, THE Internet Success Story almost everyone online knows about is Corey Rudl. Corey started his online business from his apartment by selling a simple, but popular book titled Car Secrets Revealed. He started with only about $300, but since then, he’s created an Internet marketing more from here empire that generates about $5 million dollars a year. Fortunately, Corey has put his entire step-by-step “recipe for Internet success” into an easy-to-follow system to making money online. In it, he reveals how he went from virtually nothing to a multi-millionaire on the Internet. Click here for more info.

Note: If you’ve been on the Internet for any length of time, you’ve either heard about Corey or gotten his incredible course. Recently, Corey released a video training system that is out of this world. Highly recommended.

Another example of Internet Success is Marlon Sanders. Marlon is one of the sharpest marketers on the Internet – and his remarkable Amazing Formula system reveals exactly how makes tons of money online. He reveals the mistakes people make, how to avoid them, and how to go from a beginner to an Internet “Success Story” quickly and easily. You can click here to check out his Amazing Formula system – or, for a true “Recipe for Internet Profits,” click here to check out Marlon’s new Gimme My Money Now System!

Secret #2: Create Your Own Products (but Do It In a Flash!)
Take a look at all of the Internet Success Stories on the Internet: Marlon Sanders, Jim Daniels, Terry Dean, Corey Rudl, etc. – and you’ll find one big thing in common: They all created their own products.

Unfortunately, most people believe they can’t create their own products. That thinking is wrong, Wrong, WRONG! YOU can create hot products in just hours. No, there is NO writing. And you’ll never have to worry about doing any research or trying to become an expert in some field.

You can create a hot product by simply recording an Interview with an expert!

For example, recently I interviewed Internet marketing expert Terry Dean for 60-minutes – and taped the entire interview with a cheap little tape recorder. Now, I have a tape I can sell for $19.95. Or I can have the tape transcribed – and sell the tape and transcript for $29.95 or more. OR I can interview 3 or 5 more experts, put all of the tapes in one package – and sell them all together for $97. And all I do is ask these experts questions.

Sound difficult? It really isn’t. You can start contacting them yourself now… or, for more information on interviewing experts – plus more ideas on creating instant products fast, click here now for complete details.

Secret #3: Your Secret Money Magnet Is…
So what really does the selling on an Internet site? Is it the cool graphics? Of course not. Big graphics actually slow down the loading of the site – and turn prospective buyers off.

Is it the product? Not really. Some great products have really bombed on the Internet.

The secret is the killer sales letter. If you look at most successful websites, they’re becoming online salesletters. These sites are popping up all over the place – because they’re working so well. Now, instead of having to offer tons of freebies, contests, articles, and other “stuff” to lure people in and convince them to buy, Internet marketers are simply using a single 1-page sales letter to excite people about the product – and push them to the order form. And this method is working like magic.

But writing killer sales letters isn’t easy. Most “copywriters” spend decades learning how to write the hottest order-pulling letters. If you want to write your own letters, I highly encourage to you try your hand at it. Amazing Ad Copy Secrets is a great course on writing killer sales letters and ads.

BUT, now – thanks to powerful new software, you no longer have to be able to write killer copy to get an awesome sales letter for your website. How is this possible?

New software titled “Push Button Sales Letters” can actually create your killer Internet sales letter for you – automatically. You simply fill in a few blanks, hit a button, and POOF… you’ve got a ready-to-go killer sales letter in virtually no time at all. Cut out the decades of learning to write hot copy… and click here to check out Push Button Sales Letters.

Unless you want to get bogged down in 100’s (or 1,000’s) of emails, manually process orders, confirm orders and questions manually, and basically plug your brain into your computer and have your life crushed by your new Internet business, YOU MUST AUTOMATE YOUR SITE!

The most successful Internet marketers have discovered how to automate their websites – so that they can afford to get 10 hours of sleep each night, take a month (or two) vacation, and goof off whenever they want to.

If you want to make money online – and keep your sanity, you must work to automate your website. Through today’s technology, you can actually get your site to process all sales automatically, through your existing (or new) merchant account, process all orders automatically – either through digital delivery or forwarding the order to your fulfillment center, follow-up with all customers, ask for their feedback, handle general questions, and continue marketing to prospects who have yet to buy.

All of this can be done automatically – if you’re willing to automate your website.

If you are, you’ll find yourself able to grow your Internet business faster and easier – and let your automated systems do most of the actual “grunt work”. If not, however, be prepared for 50 to 60 hour work weeks – or worse. I don’t recommend it. I do recommend taking a look at Marlon Sander’s Automate Your Website – for details on how you can completely automate your site.

Secret #5: Use Affiliate Programs to Increase Profits
Affiliate programs are crucial for Internet success – even if you decide to produce your own products. After all, your customers will be able to purchase products from you much faster than you’ll be able to create and market them.

A great alternative to creating massive amounts of products is to sign up into affiliate programs – and promote those products to your customers to generate additional profits.

For example, Corey Rudl has one of the most popular associate programs on the Internet. Sign up is free… and you’re instantly able to sell his Internet Marketing course, his videos, his Mailloop software, his AssocTrac Software, and any additional products he creates. Through his site, you can also track your visitors, sales, and more. Click here for information on signing up free.

One of the BEST affiliate programs, though, is the new Hits n’ Cash Reseller Program. This program lets you offer 10+ proven Internet products – and provides you with banners, letters, tips, pop-ups, ads, reviews, Q&A, and even book covers to promote the products. You keep 50% profit on every sale – and potentially pocket up to $2,262.00 per customer you point to these products.

Again, sign up is 100% FREE – and receives my highest recommendation. Click here now to check out this breakthrough new Hits n’ Cash Reseller Program.

Secret #6: Use Free Advertising to Pull in More Traffic!
There are ton’s of ways to get traffic on the Internet – pay-per-click search engines, ezine advertising, banner ads, etc. Entire products have been written about these marketing techniques.

However, one ingenious banner exchange is also worth looking into. BannersGoMLM is a 1:1 banner exchange. Unlike most banner exchange programs where your site must show 2 banners for you to qualify for your banner to be shown once in the system… BannersGoMLM will show your banner in the system as many times as banners are shown on your site. So whenever someone visits your site, and the banners load (even if they don’t click on them), your banner will appear on another website – free.

Here’s what the BannersGoMLM exchange looks like “live”:

Best of all, as people sign up “under you” – free – into the banner exchange and show banners on their sites, you get a percentage of the banner impressions they’re receiving. The more people sign up free into your banner exchange “downline”, the more free banner impressions you get.

Of course, I wouldn’t rely on this method as your main method for traffic, but it’s a way to turn existing traffic to your site into free banner advertising. Promote it on your home page for maximum advertising – or put it on secondary pages to keep your main page uncluttered.

Click here to find out more about BannersGoMLM and how you can use it to generate free banner advertising.

Secret #7: Download our Internet Wealth Secrets Manual – FREE!
We’ve put the “best of the best” Internet money-making secrets into a huge 883-page manual titled Internet Wealth Secrets.

Inside, you’ll discover closely-guarded secrets from Corey Rudl, Jim Daniels, Terry Dean, J. Nicholas Schmidt, and many more Internet gurus. They reveal their little-known methods for creating hot websites, what sells best online, how to get the most traffic for little or no cost, and how to create a full-time income online in just a few minutes each day.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free. All we ask is that you recommend this site to one friend or associate – and you’ll instantly be taken to our free download page. This remarkably valuable Internet Wealth Secrets ebook can now be yours free – when you fill out the form below.

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